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Northumberland County Council Code of Conduct and Zoning

Northumberland County Council in partnership with Blyth Port Authority operate a this code of conduct for Personal Watercraft used in the bay. During peak season, Whit weekend to the last weekend in September, all personal watercraft must be 200 meters beyond the surf, unless they are in one of the marked inshore zones. The exclusion zones around the mouth of Blyth and Seaton Sluice harbours are out of bounds all year round, except in an emergency.


  1. All personal watercraft must be launched within the designated area.

  2. The Authority reserves the right to restrict launching and use if it is deemed necessary for safety reasons.

  3. The Authority reserves the right to impose zoning (as above) outside peak season.

  4. Refuelling to be carried out in the launching zone only, all spillages to be reported

  5. All vehicles must be removed from the beach and parked in a designated parking zone. Trailers may be left on the beach in a safe position and not causing any obstruction.

  6. Any deliberate harassment or nuisance caused to other beach and water users will result in the marine police being called and the offender being removed from the water or beach, and being banned from launching at Blyth.

  7. The council accepts no liability for any injury or death of any person, or damage to property of any person using or operating a personal watercraft, or their agents or invitees, or any other person, except where such acts or injuries involve negligence on the part of the authority and its agents.

  8. The authority and the club operate a Yellow and Red card system for breaches of the code of conduct. A “Yellow card” is a warning, sometimes accompanied by a short ban, which will last until 1st April the following year. A further breach of the code will result in a red card and users rights being revoked

  9. Any person banned by any authority or club in the North East PWc partnership will be refused users rights at Blyth.

  10. The details of anyone banned from Blyth by the authority will be shared by all members of the Partnership

For any further information, or to report any behaviour that causes you concern, contact the Coastal Warden at Fort House,

Or Telephone: 01670 797323 or 07932440838

Alternatively contact a member of the Blyth Personal Watercraft Club committee.

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